Why We Grade:

Knowing what your collection is worth is and important part of being an informed collector, which is why having your collection PSA Graded can help you get the most for your trading cards.

A ‘PSA Graded Card‘ is far more valuable than its ungraded counterpart, especially if you manage to achieve a grade of 8-10. Some valuable cards like this Black Rose Dragon (pictured) can have its value more than quadruple, making it much more desirable to collectors and re-sellers alike.

When a PSA card is returned, it is encased and stored away in a sealed case ensuring 100% safety from any possible damage (including UV protection) to prevent fading if you want to display your prized card on a stand or in a wall mounted frame.

Grade your cards for personal satisfaction and make the most of your valuable, vintage trading card collection, giving you something to cherish and be proud of for years to come.

PSA is the premier card grading service used by both sporting and non-sporting card collectors. PSA has graded over 75,000,000 cards and has established itself with a proven track record of giving accurate and professional grades.